A. L. L. I. A. N. C. E.

White represents peace.
But think of this, according to Hinduism, a widow is supposed to wear white. When her husband had to leave, not based on his choice, surely she questioned her belief on God. She absolutely did not find any peace in her heart, because the rest of her life was in front of her, and her rock of anchor was taken away.
And now, look on the other side. You would see a bright smile on the bride’s face as she walks down the aisle in a church to join with the love of her life in holy matrimony. And she is in white, a dress she dreamt of wearing ever since she was six.
According to Islam, a wife should wear a black burkha. The dilemma we see is that, Christianity wears black in mourning, and Hinduism avoids it for any auspicious occasion as it signifies negativity.
In a country with 3.29 million square kilometer, people’s belief changes with every few units of area.
And yes, we have similarities too. On one hand where green is the mark of good health and fertility of women and is used to dress up Ma Durga, it is also used in the shawl spread in Darga.
If we really find ‘Unity in Diversity’, then why do we attack other beliefs to establish religious superiority?


S. E. M. I. C. O. L. O. N.

Alpa viram, is a punctuation mark which in English is known as semi colon. ‘Alpa’ stands for ‘short’ and ‘viram’ stands for ‘break’.

What looks like an end, is actually the beginning of another opportunity.
With the sunset, we retire to our love nests. Some victories, some forfeits, some amusements, and maybe a few despair, all gained in a day. And between all these, we learn and experience new things. Some things we didn’t know we were even capable of feeling, or surviving.
Even with those few mishaps, it gives us hope. A hope of a better tomorrow.

What keeps us going always is this passion we find in ourselves to beat and be better than yesterday.

And everything that will be gained today, would be reserved in a treasure box that would never be stolen, but would only become heavier with time and by sharing. This priceless treasure that we gather at times are lent to us by elders. But we tend to misjudge it, thinking that times change and so should our take towards our puzzles of life.

The truth being, the solution is always the same. And we are blessed to have people who would guide us. Its on us now whether we hold on to those important life lessons, or take the hard way.

D. E. S. T. I. N. Y.

They were always taught that the sky was the limit.

Being under the roof wasn’t really the favourite thing. They wanted to be free. Free from being dictated what path of their carriers to choose. Though they have heard a million times that the sky was the limit, they believed otherwise. Because if the sky was the limit, mankind wouldn’t have stepped on the moon.

With all the dreams in their eyes, they stepped into the outside world, out of their parents’ protection, to be able to make decisions on their own. Nobody would now tell them wrong from right, good from bad. They were on their own to decide it. Only time would tell whether they become good people, and be able to fulfil all their dreams. Even with the changing times, there was one constant, they would always be next to each other. Perhaps like a shield that would make them feel safe even in vulnerable times.

And together, they discover that sky wasn’t the limit.

I. N. C. E. P. T. I. O. N.

Ma, Mati, Manush : Mother, Soil, Human.
Our existence is because of Love. Mother exemplifies it. She doesn’t bear us for just nine months, but as a wish in her heart since her childhood.

We are blessed with another mother, Nature. She is where we all start. She nurtures us with equality, for generations. She doesn’t know the word ‘hate’. Then who are we to build these walls of differences?
Why does it come to us so easily to disturb Her harmony? To wipe away Her wild children?

We think we are strong to do so. But think of Her rage. The incapacity we feel when She employs Her resources against us. Even then, we turn to Her for protection. And again, She shields us.

And when we meet our end, She opens her arms once again and accepts us in Her lap. She is our beginning, and our end.

You are beautiful, and so am I.

So today my best friend and I were having one of those conversations which if someone hears would think we are really matured. Don’t believe it, it’s an illusion. 

As a kid, my social circle was really tiny, but I’ve been blessed with some of the most beautiful souls of this world who chose to tag along with me. There have been times people have commented on my weight, the way I walk, or the way I talk, and other such things. 

One such person was a classmate who seriously thought that I “need” to lose weight so that I could be “sexy” enough according to his “standards”. And no, I wasn’t romantically interested in him. But he kind of made it his life mission to set up my workout and food chart. 

I wouldn’t really say that it was bad, because working out felt like playing to me and it kind of helped me clear my mind, though I remember how there was this one time I said I go for a run and a guy laughed and said I don’t look I do any of those sort of things. I accept that I might look like a polar bear while running though. 

I stand at 157 cm and weigh 63 kgs when I checked last. 

To be honest, I’m happy with the curves I’ve and also the extra “curves” I’ve. And I don’t think we should be judged based on what we look. 

We have this constant obsession of having a perfect skin, and getting that winged eyeliner just accurate and adding on eyelashes and drawing our brows. Yes, it does feel nice because who wouldn’t want to look at the mirror and feel confident?

But do we realise how we are losing our true identity beneath those layers of foundation and concealer? 

It’s okay if you wear the largest waist size or even the smallest. As long as you love the human being you look at in the mirror, nothing should stop you from being who you are.

It’s about accepting people’s differences and their “looks” and going actually below that and know who they really are. Perhaps that weird girl at the corner might actually be a vibrant butterfly and that popular girl might be a really strong human to have faced a lot in life though you might think she is obnoxious.

We have things below our skins, the feelings and the thoughts, and we have our own flaws which make us beautiful. And that’s what should be the basis on which we are looked at, not based on the shape of our faces or bodies. 

To start with, we need patience, rather than jumping to conclusions about someone’s character.

We are all beautiful.

Let’s be positive and spread that light within us a little so that it touches someone’s life and bounces back so that we shine. Just compliment a classmate or a colleague, and trust me, that smile you get will make your day too.

It’s Almost Too Easy.

I won’t say I am one of the most amazing human you would come across under the sky. But, I can definitely promise you that I am a good human. 

I believe that every human being breathing right now has something good about her or him. But, isn’t it much easier to say something bad about them?

Of course it is. 

We talk a lot about spreading positivity, counter acting people’s negativity, putting up a strong face when someone bad mouths about us and being brave socially. But take a step back and think about that moment when someone you trusted a lot said something behind your back. And let’s be honest here, things spread like wildfire and it always comes to our ears. And, as they say, you can never deny a rumour. Go on the wild quest, but you would never be able to cut the root of the grapevine. You would confide into people, some of them being a part of the grapevine strangling you, but saying sage words of wisdom and strength. And it goes on and on. 

Take a moment here and think, have you never bad mouthed about anyone? I know I have. I might have thought, ‘Oh well, I am just telling the truth out.’ But it was total hypocrisy because it was someone’s secret. And I know how protective I would be about my secrets. Afterall, there’s a reason why we keep a hand between the mouth and the ear and whisper while sharing a secret with someone in public.

It was almost too easy for me. 

It’s almost too easy for all of us. We forget that we are a part of this society. Today we say something about someone, and tomorrow we would be the victim. But when we are the victim, we play the blame game, acting to be the most innocent one in the tribe. But are we really?

Perhaps rather than pointing fingers at others, we should look into ourselves and cut these bad things out which have now almost got converted into thriving body organs. Its time for self purification and learning to respect what people have come to know as ‘privacy’. 

Is Love Really Complicated?

In the current times, I don’t think dating is a big thing. People date a lot. They change partners quite often and I don’t think that’s a big deal either. It’s just the way people decide to lead their life and we shouldn’t comment on other people’s viewpoint when we aren’t perfect ourselves. 

There’s a difference between dating someone and being in a relationship with someone. People I have come across tend to miss out on the line that differentiates infatuation and love, dating someone and being in a relationship, loving the idea of someone and loving who they really are. We tend to have this constant want to change the person we are with because maybe what they are doing isn’t enough for us, or more exactly, we have come to know the person and passed the phase of being in love with the idea of the person and now that we really know the human being we are with, we don’t like this person and we let the love rot before someone finally says it out loud that it isn’t working anymore. 

But, that isn’t really love. Is it? Weren’t we taught that love is selfless and kind and accepts you with all your flaws? But then again, wouldn’t you want to change for the better of the relationship and making your partner happy? And where does your happiness go if you change yourself and don’t like who you are anymore? Does that mean your partner doesn’t love you anymore because they don’t like who you really are? 

And the cycle continues.

Complicated, right? 

But is it really complicated, or is it just that we were taught the wrong meaning of love? 

I am no relationship expert. But what I have learnt is that two people fit in like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. In a relationship, we are like two rocks which continuously rub against each other and become beautiful like those round pebbles. We can’t force a particular person to love us, but when it’s time, we surely find that right person who actually loves us because of our flaws, because we are perfectly imperfect for them. 

So how about we wait, rather than staining love by calling her complicated?